The design consists of a lens with excellent optical qualities attached to arms.  The ends of the arms attach to a mount, creating a pivot point.  The mount slides onto the stems of the adapter designed to attach to the various types of headsets, which in this case is a David Clark headset.


The adapter shown here is for the David Clark headset.  It fits between the two bands which make up the headband of the headset.  The lower of these two bands has a threaded post for the nut, and a tab which acts as a guide.  The post and the tab fit in two of the three holes on the adapter depending on the size required. Then the upper band is placed on top and held in place with the nut.

For other types of headsets, an alternate adapter would be created to allow the Stem to be situated on the headset band in the proper position to receive the mounts for the lens. The adapter would be functional and streamlined so as not to interfere with the headset itself.

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