The image below shows the HSV in the down position. No part of the HSV touches the wearer and the function of the headset is not affected.  The position of the visor is adjusted by three methods- 1: Pivoting it around the pivot point  2: Sliding the mounts forward or back on the stem 3: By making slight adjustments to the position of the headset on the head. This allows positioning the visor to provide maximum  protection, while ensuring absolute. comfort.  The pivot points have an adjustment to increase or decrease the friction holding the visor in place.

The next image shows the HSV in the up position. As light conditions change, the visor may not be necessary for periods of time. Using one hand, the visor can be raised to this position and be out of the way. If the visor is again required, it is simply lowered back into the down position,  again using just one hand.


This final image shows the visor separated from the headset. This allows the visor to be stored on its own for protection. It also allows for the option of not using the visor at  all, if light conditions dictate. The mounts simply slide onto the stems of the adapter attached to the headset and are held in position by a spring projecting into the notches on the stem. No tools are required and the visor is held firmly in place.                                                                                                                                                        

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